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Brand strategy

Building a strong brand is about storytelling, not just visuals. We craft strategic approaches that define your core values, connect with your audience, and create a consistent, measurable impact.


Here's how we help:

Clarity & focus: identify your brand's essence and target audience

Emotional connection: craft a compelling story that resonates

Consistent messaging: ensure a unified experience across all platforms

Measurable results: track the success of your brand efforts.


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Brand audits, workshops & roadmaps

It's not enough to define your brand, it needs to act. Our workshops, audits, and roadmaps go beyond theory to create a sustainable and actionable brand strategy.


Here's how we unlock your potential:

Brand audits: analyze your current brand position, messaging, and identity

Collaborative workshops: uncover your brand's core values, mission, and target audience

Strategic brand roadmap: develop a customized plan with defined stages for smooth execution


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Open Up Media - We design and build (for) brands.
Open Up Media - We design & build (for) brands.

Brand architecture

Building a strong brand starts with the right foundation. Brand architecture, like a house blueprint, defines the structure of your brand and its sub-brands. We help you choose the optimal approach for your goals.


The two main options:

Branded house: unify your offerings under a single, strong brand name (think Virgin)

House of brands: create distinct brands for different products or audiences (think Procter & Gamble)


Explore each approach