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Choosing your brand's architectural blueprint


When it comes to crafting a successful brand strategy, understanding brand architecture is crucial. Choosing the right architecture can significantly impact your brand recognition, customer loyalty, and overall marketing effectiveness.

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We help businesses navigate the two most common brand architecture approaches: branded house and house of brands.

A branded house

Imagine a company like Virgin. Whether it's airlines, mobile networks, or fitness clubs, the Virgin brand name instantly conveys a sense of quality, innovation, and a touch of fun. This is the essence of a branded house architecture.


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House of brands

Think of Procter & Gamble. From Tide detergent to Pampers diapers, each brand has its own distinct identity and caters to specific customer needs. This exemplifies a house of brands architecture.


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The power of a unified brand: branded house

Key characteristics


Centralized identity: all products or services fall under a single, overarching brand umbrella. The brand name and core values permeate every offering.

Leveraged equity: the success and reputation of the main brand extend to all sub-brands. A strong existing brand can instill trust and recognition in new product lines.

Cohesive messaging: a consistent brand voice and message are maintained across all offerings. This creates a unified brand experience for customers, regardless of which product or service they interact with.

Benefits of a branded house


Strong brand recognition: a singular brand name can build powerful brand awareness and recognition over time.

Enhanced brand equity: success of one product or service can bolster the reputation of the entire brand portfolio.

Streamlined marketing: A unified brand message simplifies marketing efforts and reduces costs associated with promoting multiple brands.

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A world of individual brands: house of brands

Key characteristics


Individual identities: each product or service has its own distinct brand identity, complete with logos, messaging, and positioning.

Targeted appeal: allows for highly targeted messaging and positioning to resonate with unique audience preferences and needs.

Agility & innovation: the structure is conducive to faster innovation and experimentation with new brand concepts.

Benefits of a house of brands


Market specificity: allows brands to tailor their messaging and offerings to specific market segments, increasing effectiveness.

Reduced brand risk: the failure of one brand has minimal impact on the reputation of others within the portfolio.

Faster growth: the structure facilitates quicker expansion into new markets and product categories.