We value the process as much as the result

Open Up Media - We design and build (for) brands.
Open Up Media - We design and build (for) brands.

Above all, we value

empathy, consistency, flexibility & openness


In the process

Building together starts with understanding. We truly listen to your vision, challenges, and goals. We're curious explorers, eager to dive deep into your brand and audience.

In the result

We design captivating brand identities that connect with your audience through a deep understanding of their needs and motivations. We do not design and build for our clients, we do it for theirs.


In the process

A collaborative journey, every step of the way. We establish a clear roadmap tailored to your needs, keeping everyone on the same page. Consistency fosters trust and a sense of shared ownership in the final outcome.

In the result

We maintain a mindset that all details matter. Detail demands discipline. What might look like minimal effort, might have maximal impact. A great brand isn't a beautiful brand, it's a consistent one.


In the process

Adapting to your needs, together. We understand that no project is set in stone. We embrace changes along the way and work collaboratively to ensure your project stays on track and delivers exceptional results.

In the result

Our creative spark ignites flexibel brands that can evolve alongside your aspirations, and digital platforms that can adapt and integrate new features as your business grows.


In the process

Transparency builds trust and fuels Innovation. We believe in honest and open communication throughout the entire process. You'll have clear visibility into every step, with opportunities for open dialogue and collaboration.

In the result

An open mind to new ideas and new technology. A strong belief in an open source approach, as none of us is as smart as all of us. An open communication, where transparency - on all levels - builds trust and long term relationships.

We love to do



Your brand is more than just a logo, it's the story you tell the world. We don't just design visuals, we craft a comprehensive branding strategy that captures your essence. We'll help you define your voice, refine your message, and build a  visual identity that resonates with your audience.


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We help you build a website or digital platform that performs. We go beyond pixels and code, focusing on user experience and clear functionality. Whether it's driving conversions, integrating and building on external data, or simplifying communication, we'll create a digital experience that works


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None of us is as smart as all of us.

Antoine Hendrix - Development team

Antoine Hendrickx


Evelyne De Clercq - Design team

Evelyne De Clercq

Office & Account Manager

Filip Verheyen - Development team

Filip Verheyen


Johan Van den Rym - Development team

Johan Van den Rym


Kenzie De Schepper - Development team

Kenzie De Schepper


Lance Peersman - Design team

Lance Peersman


Mykyta Orlov - Development team

Mykyta Orlov


Ruth Bonne - Design team

Ruth Bonne


Steve De Jonghe - Development team

Steve De Jonghe


Steve Goris - Development team

Steve Goris


Tijs De Boeck - Chief technology

Tijs De Boeck

Managing Partner
Chief Development

Tobias Peeters - Project Manager

Tobias Peeters

Project Manager

Wim Van Reeth - Creative director

Wim Van Reeth

Managing Partner
Chief Design

Wolf Wiltink - Design team

Wolf Wiltink


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We offer a unique blend of a collaborative environment, a commitment to growth, and the opportunity to create impactful work that matters.


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Open Up Media - We design and build (for) brands.